City Country


by Vyt Bakaitis

146 pp.

$11.95 paper

ISBN 0-9628181-2-7

Vyt Bakaitis was born in Lithuania in 1940. He grew up in northern Germany and eastern Massachusetts. In 1968 he moved to New York, and now lives in Brooklyn with artist Sharon Gilbert and their two children, Elena and Ellery.

The poems in this volume are selected from "two decades’ worth." In the late seventies he co-edited the literary magazine, Thirst. In the eighties and nineties he translated the poems of Jonas Mekas and others.

City Country was chosen as December Pick by the Small Press Review, 1992

"...Vyt Bakaitis takes us on a journey of self exploration that encompasses practically every known version of modernism in poetry. For all his inclination to experiment, however, his distinctive touch is lyrical--one might even say charming, with a Kerouac twist." —Benjamin Sloan, Newsletter of the Poetry Project, St. Marks Church, Feb-Mar.97

"I’ve read City Country with pleasure. You make sense in an imaginative, intelligent, uncompromising way—it’s great to have such clarity and articulateness. It’s wonderful to be able to understand good, strong poetry."

—Guy Davenport

"The detail of the sky at night is what makes the heavens. It is the concrete detail that gives Bakaitis’s writing its sense & a "new perception of reality" (to use Jonas Mekas’s phrase). Another wave of immigrant perception hits America!"

—Lawrence Ferlinghetti

"... I’ve always enjoyed and admired Vyt’s work, for its humor, wit and artistic sensibility. It’s a greater pleasure to see, and have, such a solid selection of it in one volume, and I look forward to many more."

—Anselm Hollo