Miss Laughinghouse The reluctant mystic



194 pp.

$12.00 paperback

ISBN 0-9628181-6-X

Judith Morley has been a teacher, newspaper reporter, radio broadcaster, playwrite, actor, and always a student. She has an M.A. and Ph.D. in Sacred Theater. Born into a family of outspoken agnostics and atheists, she has been fascinated since childhood, with matters spiritual and mystical. She grew up in Miami and New York and now lives in Roslyn Harbor, Long Island and Deerfield Beach, Florida.

"... she spins words in ways that surprise and delight and fair take your breath away; she spins webs of exquisite connections between people and ideas..." —Jean Houston, from the Foreword

"This is no ordinary book. It is the condensed magic of a lifetime and it sparkles with energy. It stirs every emotion. It resonates with the unspoken yearning for fulfillment in every human body. It inspired me to write poetry again for the first time in a decade." —Jeffrey Mishlove, Director, Intuition Network

"Judith Morley’s words are sounds and dances of the soul. Her traditional elegance and vernacular images weave crisp music for the ears, eyes and heart." —Don Campbell, author, the Mozart Effect, Aron Books, Fall 1997

Judith Morley is an alchemist of the every day. In these poems she harvests the bounty of ordinary experience and, adding a generous pinch of laughter, cooks up an extraordinary banquet for the heart.

—Brenda Rosen, Executive Editor, Quest Books